dev diary  10 working  in  the second  phase  of   first  boss holy version 

now we working in the second phase of  the spear  guardian, with the  big  archangel  wings.

in  this  case we  are working in  the different pose  of the wings, for  the attacks, the  idle  position,
and the specials moves of the boss.

here  some references.

imperius  concept art  for  diablo 3

Archangel by Sidxartxa

our  work:

here the  side version:

here  the  three quarters version:

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work in progress  the second  phase  of   first  boss holy version fly idle animation

here is  the  second phase of the first boss spear guardian  idle fly animation, create  in spriter.


dev diary  9  first  boss holy version animation  time lapse part2

here is the angel guardian animation time lapse second part, that I have worked in spriter.

background sound
Drop zone II Dark Shadow 
by Mikomusic

about  spriter.

Spriter enables the “modular” method of animating. Each frame is constructed from many small, re-useable images (such as body parts). Each of these images can be stretched, scaled rotated, swapped out and changed in opacity to drastically increase the “mileage” an artist can get from each piece of art

in game engines like construct 2,  you  can get a great optimization  by using  spriter format for the  animations, because it use only  the bones  data of the animations and the sprites of the differents parts of the character.

in this  case  for example the  spriter  file size is  407kb and all images size are 21kb total  of 428kb compare this with  a  sprite sheet image  of  30 frames  for only  2 o 3 animationes  with a size of 815kb.
other  think  that  help the optimization  with spriter is  that you need only need  load 1 time all the image, in game, because that animations  isnt in frames, the animation  is in bones data,  this  help to the  cache data  of the game.
follow us, and  learn more  information about the game and  the tool  that we use for the development of the  game.

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