Dev diary

Dev Log 1 first concepts of the game

Here is a first concept arts and char desing idea
char desing

mor info in https://www.facebook.com/portafolioDigitalFfman22?ref=ts&fref=ts

Dev Log 2 first test of gameplay

final style, with some test of moves, camera and scenario.

Dev Log 3 gameplay works

  • new version, with:
  • attack animations.
  • door system.
  • enemy test

  1. directional key to move.
  2. A to attack.


first test version of dragon-project was delete.

new version of dragon project ver:1.0.3
new features:

  • experience system.
  • stats system.
  • damage system.
  • enemy hp.
  • new mob, blue flame.
  • improve attack animations.


Dev Log 4 gameplay works menu system ver1


  • directional key: move
  • A: attack
  • D and F:cast spells
  • P: pause and char menu
  • M: mini map


  • minimap
  • dragon spells.
  • energy bar.
  • spells menu
  • dragon_project ver 1.0.4


spells updates:

  • A: attack
  • S and D:cast spells
  • space bar: pause and char menu
  • M: mini map

  • add shadow fireball spell
  • add explotions effects.
  • correct some bugs.

dragon_project ver


Dev Log 5 maps style and exploring

some new Screenshots of the new update of the game.

save room


mini boss battle room
in this room you get the slide power and dodge power


Dev Log 6 boss fight test #1

  • woriking in the first mini boss Big blue flame
  • working in the first boss Hydra

coming soon new playable update :)

here a little sprite of the hydra boss battle.


testing events and combat variables.

the hydra boss create with spriter by brashmonkey.

Dev Log 7 working in the map and mini boss fight.

new game screen capture.

Dev Log 8 working in better map tile set

new tilemap for the map temple, more darker, more complex, and with more contrast

Dev Log 9 working in better item and equip gui (interactive with out mouse)

equip test interface for the game.

A to select option 
S to back 
1 to 4 add chest items
5 to 8 add legs items.
direccional key to move

    1* select first the type of equip
    2* select the item of the right side.


Dev Log 10 desing works.

here is the world Map of the game.

the name of the planet is Terra.


this is the ice golem the protector of the water element tunic.

on the water temple
ready to animate in Spriter

Dev Log 11 desing works, coding new boss fight system and second boss Ice Golem

all ice golem attacks in the alpha version.

the link load more faster than the image

attack 1------>jump attack: falls above the character,hurts him, and stun.

second version: you can stun the golem if the golem falls on ice spikes on the floor
attack 2------>rock ball attack: the golem transform into a solid ball of rock and ice, your only chance is avoid it
attack 3------->kick attack: if you are if you are out of distance of the golem, he will spawns ice spikes in random place of the roof
second version: if you are in close distance you can be crushed by his feet, or you can counter his attack.
attack4------->Ice blizzard: the golem launched a blizzard of ice that can freeze you and makes you a little damage
attack5-------->arms attack: if you avoid his attack, he will stuck in the floor
second version: if you are in close distance you can be crushed by his arms, and you will be pushed far away of him

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