Dev stream 6 Judgement project.

we will have development Streams,days:
Wednesday : 16:00 ESP
Saturday : 16:00 EN
GMT-5 Bogota-Colombia.

today stream we have:
1-tileset inferno cavern updates
2- map designe in tiled.

hoy vamos a tener:
1- trabajar en los tileset del la caverna infernal 1
2- diseño del mapa con los tilets

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now you can play the demo and future demos in itch.io too, and donate to help the project.

test the demo here:

watch the play list here:

suscribe please:

metroidvania, castlevania, metroid, 2D, pixelart, retro, hardcore, classic, judgement, indie, dark souls, 2D souls, souls like, fantasy, medieval, rpg, action, construct2, spriter, brashmonkey, phantasy, scirra, animation, gamedev, indie game,Pixel Art (Art Period/Movement),Video Game (Industry), Video Game Development (Industry)

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